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The process

Everything is made easy.

 A project leader takes you through the competence pool and helps throughout the whole path from the idea to product.

In detail, we will:
Identify the key pillars and requirements of IoT platform for partners.

Identify, prioritize and integrate the key IoT solution areas, “pillars” together with the client.

Identify the KPI targets and key requirements in business and technical level architecture for partners. 

Call for best partners. Build proof of concepts of IoT solutions.

Choose 3-5 IoT business cases. Call for best partners. Build proof of concepts with the best partners from SuperIoT Ecosystem and Alliance. Build the basis for the tailored IoT platform.

Drive the client IoT roadmap. Lead the SuperIoT alliance partnerships and shared investments.

Build new IoT solutions and lead the development of shared investments in SuperIoT alliance with exclusivity within the industry area. Take full advantage of SuperIoT partnerships, R&D supporting tools and European level R&D programs. Find co-operation models to share investments with your local corporates.

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