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ARM® mbed(tm) provides a secure, scalable platform for enterprise IoT, including the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem necessary for
the creation and deployment of commercial, standardsbased IoT solutions at scale. By offering all the vital tools needed to develop these IoT solutions, combined with the support of over 70 partners and a community of 200,000 developers, mbed is uniquely positioned as the leading ecosystem for IoT device creation, deployment and management.


BaseN is an European IoT and Industrial Internet Platform. It’s core values are unlimited scalability, excellent fault tolerance and real time operation. The Platform collects, stores, analyzes and presents the data. Solutions are offered to the partners or customers as SaaS/PaaS services from 12 data centers around the world or as an in-house for highest security demanding customers. BaseN searches actively both customers and partners that wish to develop applications on the Platform.


Device management need is recognized in most major IoT platforms and tools. However, comprehensive, automated and scalable ready made solutions are missing in most of the cases. SuperIoT utilizes Capricode's patented SyncShield solution that both automates the management and brings additional levels of Cyber Security in the process.

Cloud Asset

Cloud Asset is a Cloud Computing and Big Data technology startup whose mission is to help customers adopt cloud capabilities at the heart of their operational strategy through a set of vertical industry use-case specific solution stacks. Cloud Asset’s project portfolio includes utilization and development of IoT, Big Data, analytics, visualisation, streaming, and storage technologies and solutions in financial, cleantech, security, environment, and healthcare sectors.



Codemate is an agile software development service house headquartered in Oulu, Finland. With 75 employees and four offices internationally, we are capable of crafting advanced digital solutions from scratch for our clients.


Keywords: IoT, cloud, data analytics, web services,mobile apps, UX design


Convergentia offers antenna concept creation and development services. Our world-class antenna team  provides customized connectivity solutions for any device and radio communication system. Our first 5G project, where we participate on the design of mmWave antenna array, started already in 2016.


Creoir is a design and engineering company providing development services of wireless devices and services all the way from the product idea to manufacturing and service ramp-up. Our design and engineering references include e.g. Marshall London smartphone and MOST container monitoring/tracking IoT-solution.

CWC Nippon

University of Oulu Research Institute Japan - CWC Nippon Co. Ltd, founded 2012, is an enterprise located in Yokohama, Japan. It promotes multidisciplinary collaboration on research, education and joint business. It is a gateway between Japanese, Finnish and Europeanenterprises, universities and research institutes for global R&D, business innovation, research projects and student exchanges.


elfGROUP offer business driven Cybersecurity assessments and friendly hacking services in addition to our flagship secure cloud storage and server hosting infrastructure services which allow you to secure your data and control with whom the data can be shared.


Eltel is a leading European provider of technical services for critical infrastructure networks in the segments of Power, Communication and Transport & Security. With operations throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Africa Eltel provides a broad and integrated range of services, spanning from design, implementation, maintenance and upgrade services to operations and project deliveries.Eltel has a diverse contract portfolio and a loyal and growing customer base of large network owners.


Enhancell is a software company creating new and innovative tools for wireless network testing needs. Our team of mobile network experts and creative software designers are striving to simplify the network testing. Our headquarters is in Oulu Finland and we have offices in Boston MA and Dallas TX. We are a trusted partner of several major cellular operators and network manufacturers.


Esju Oy is a high-technology company established in 1991.
Our area of business comprises electronics design, consulting, research, training, and EMC laboratory services.
The main business sectors are Telecommunications, IoT, Wellness and Healthcare technology, Industrial electronics, and Defence industry.


We offer high value-added engineering services, embedded systems and IoT as well as technical documentation solutions. Etteplan’s extensive offering covers all design engineering service needs for machinery, equipment and plants including embedded systems and IoT solutions. In addition we offer technical documentation services to create, manage and distribute product related technical information to be used, for example, in product development, production and maintenance. Our contribution for IoT is to create IoT products for customers and to offer test services related on IoT. In 2016 we created 87 new IoT devices to our customers, which have been produced million pieces already.


+90 % of the top 100 Communications Service Provides (Mobile Operators) use EXFO Solutions. EXFO has the largest Active Service Assurance deployment in the World. In Oulu, EXFO develops Service Assurance solutions for virtualized and physical networks monitoring.


We at Fibrux want to help people to get stronger with Mpower muscle activation monitor. Mpower is a unique tool for physiotherapists, sports coaches and personal trainers to save training time and increase training motivation. Mpower puts end to guesswork by showing the muscle activation power measured directly from muscles in real-time. Mpower helps to find right exercise to right muscle and shows muscle balance, fatigue and training progress.



Fondia is a full service business law house that operates in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Fondia’s service philosophy is fresh and smart. We can help companies on all business legal matters, also on a global scale with our extensive partner network.


Intelligent lighting by sensor integration, lighting control, data collecting and analytics Smart, energy saving lighting solutions for public spaces like traffic terminals, airports, offices, schools, hospital and other public premises Smart, energy saving solutions for street and area lighting.


Haltian is a visionary engineering house that brings challenging new wireless and IoT products from initial design to reality within the market. Our unique team of almost 100 top notch engineers are skilled at taking the most complex ideas and turning them into premium designs. Our Internet of Things platform, Thingsee, is an all-wireless solution including devices and connectivity. With our expertise in sensor and wireless technologies we can develop fast turnaround projects, providing ready-made solutions including HW, global connectivity and backend, as well as integration to customer’s existing systems.


Indalgo – Industry of Algorithms – we build and develop analytics solutions for our customers. This covers the data integration, modeling and algorithm development, solution implementation, user interface design and solution maintenance. Our solutions have brought measurable benefits and new strategic capabilities to our customers since founding of the company in 2010,


Innokas Medical

Innokas Medical is a Finnish healthcare technology company specialized in high-quality design and product development, regulatory approvals and cost-efficient
contract manufacturing of wellness, medical and IVDdevices.


iProtoXi is a design house from Finland that makes tiny, innovative, energy efficient, wireless IoT and wearable customer projects. iProtoXi offering and product platforms are used as building blocks for many kind of IoT, health and fitness solutions.


JOT is a world-class company for the automated production testing solutions for electronics industry products. JOT automated test and assembly solutions, based on the best applications and standard modules, create the smartest value by enabling ultimate designs, system integration and performance in minimal forms. And now we are making our machines across the world to talk to each other’s make manufacturing smarter than ever with a data-driven approach.


Team Kaltio has developed and hosted IoT services since 2008. Kaltiot Smart IoT, a ready-to-go 24/7 hosted cloud service, is the fastest solution to build your Internet of Things. Trusted by Microsoft, passing on millions of messages every hour.


Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Nortal offers a comprehensive portfolio of medical IT products, solutions and process reengineering to solve the challenges of our clients. Nortal solutions break down walls between ecosystem stakeholders and safely connect patients with healthcare providers. Our mission is to simplify and optimize naturally complex processes to create a seamless society.



Offcode's ADX product family is an open industrial class IoT Platform. ADX offers an open solution for most distributed control and/or data collection needs. ADX is fully remoted managed and it is easy to integrate to any cloud based backend system.

Orbis Systems

Orbis Systems is global quality control and functional testing solutions and services provider. We work closely with customers’ R&D, production and after sales teams. Our key technologies are related to RF signal switching, electrical and machine vision testing. We provide engineering, prototyping and integration services for test solution, adapter and fixture development and manufacturing as well as after sales services such as maintenance and repair. Orbis Systems serve customers within 4 different time zones.

Oulu Datacenter

Oulun DataCenter Oy is responsible for datacenter & cloud business operations. ODC is rapidly growing company providing flexible and high quality customer driven datacenter services. ODC main customers are corporations, High tech -startups, public sector and partners/resellers. Key parameters for the service are ability and elasticity to build massive scale in secure environment. ODC offers a flexible and scalable datacenter service and various other cloud based services. Services are designed to suit for many kind of business models and company sizes.


PehuTec provides product development services for software design, electronics hardware design and mechanical engineering. PehuTec is building various IoT solutions and brings digitalization into new application eras, creating competitive value through better quality and accuracy of information.


This is what we are good at: Spatial Design, Product and Service Design, Commercialisation, Brand Identity, Customer Experience Design, Concept Creation, Graphic Design, Building Contracting and Project Management.


PollenTech accelerates time to revenue for IoT silicon vendors and end product manufacturers (OEM/ODM) by providing a comprehensive set of embedded software services. Leveraging years of experience in the cellular market, we will develop and/or optimize your platform for low power, secure and robust operation. PollenTech works in concert with your internal SW teams to reduce development time or even deliver complete designs. We specialize in IC platform transitions, device driver development and wireless stack design from the PHY to the app layer across the most popular MCU and WMCU platforms.


Protohouse Finland Oy is full service mechanics prototype provider with 3D printing (SLA plastics), 3-and 5-axis machining and lasercutting for sheetmetal (SUS 0,03-0,50mm). We are Startup (founded 2015) from extNokia R&D internal Protolab with over 120 year experience from R&D and prototyping.

RD Velho

RD Velho provides various R&D and Product Development services including embedded devices and IoT-solutions for international customers. Areas of expertise: Industrial Design, Mechanical engineering, Software Development, UX / GUI, Electronics, Simulations, Technical Documentation and Packages.


Refecor Oy is a wireless technology and electronics product design company located in Oulu, Finland. We also have a very strong network of manufacturing partners and we offer the product design including our manufacturing support. We have been involved in producing millions of products for biggest world class brands and now we are focusing in lean manufacturing including cost efficiency, high production quality and long term operations. We look for win-win business cases.

Rugged  Tooling

We provide tools to ensure the security and reliability of IP networks. Testing tools by Rugged Tooling emulate real IP network conditions and enable testing IoT signaling loads, network reliability in challenging conditions and cyber security. Our IDS platform monitors traffic in real time and detects cyber threats.


Sanmina makes some of the most complex and innovative optical, electronic and mechanical products in the world. Recognized as a technology leader, Sanmina provides end-to-end design, manufacturing and logistics solutions, delivering superior quality and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) primarily in the communications networks, computing and storage, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and semiconductor, multimedia, automotive and clean technology sectors.


OEM and manufacturability analysis partner for flexible sensors, user interface and illumination solutions for wide range of industries. We are specialized in harsh environments as example medical, pulp and paper, professional automotive industries. Our product segments are sensors, medical sensors, force sensors, user interfaces and illumination.



Softagram offers disruptive software analysis and visualization system for large-scale software projects. Enhance transparency, productivity and collaboration even across distributed software teams. Softagram maintains always-up-to date view of software structure, de-composition, dependencies and key metrics, all in one intuitive, visual experience. Softagram, the next level ofsoftware engineering.



With a strong connectivity base, we’re the hub in the digital ecosystem. When it comes to cloud, service oriented mindset or networking, that’s our piece of cake. Please do not hesitate to contact and schedule a meeting.


One stop test and certification shop. TESTiLABS provides both R&D testing and certification services and are able to customize a test sets for your specific needs. Services includes OTA, SAR, RF, EMC, Audio, Bluetooth, Field Test, Mechanical, Environmental and Software Testing.


Toptester is the expert on reliability testing. Our mission is to help our customers to conquer worldwide markets with reliable products. We test on device, module and component level during R&D, verification, validation and failure analysis. Toptester is not just a test house: we also offer consulting and planning services from the start of the R&D project.


VALOPAA Ltd. is a provider of intelligent outdoor and industrial lighting solutions. Our offering includes LED luminaires, intelligent lighting control systems, as well as lighting technology. VALOPAA solutions create energy efficient and pleasant lighting.


Verkotan Oy is a CTIA authorized and ISO17025 accredited test house based in Finland. We offer OTA, SAR and GPS test and certification services to the customers from multiple business areas related to wireless performance. Verkotan’s sophisticated software and test laboratory capability provides totally new test methods creating unique value for the customers.

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